PM Elbow

Time:2020-02-08   Author:Shengjipipe

Serial number: 7614292416
Name: Putzmeister (PM)  Elbow
Spec: 125 AR275 30 degrees
Memo: PMBC –3
Class: Concrete pump wear-resistant pipe fittings
Features of high manganese steel castings: 
①.Smelting in frequency furnace, with precise casting process. 
②.Spectrum analyzer is used for composition determination, thus quality is stable. 
③.Special high manganese casting formula used to ensure high resistance to wearing. 
④.Each product s with furnace number and each furnace of melted steel is examined. 
⑤.Strict tempering process is followed to ensure high pressure pumping. 
⑥.Dimensional parameters are in line with installation requirements. 
Characteristics of high manganese steel castings: 
1.Great varieties: pump truck castings need to be precise in dimensions, and castings made with accurate dimensions ensures smooth installation and reduced field replacement of pipes. 
2.For castings that require special properties and consistent quality, composition of products should be tested. We need spectrum analyzers to accurately determine composition and proportion of each element of casting. 
3.Formula of high manganese steel castings varies, mainly by tendency to certain properties. For example, elbows and taper pipes for pump trucks should be resistant to wear and impact, and repeated experiments are required to obtain an ideal formula. 
4.Elbows and taper pipes for pump trucks should be resistant to high pressure. Since high manganese steel castings are hard and fragile after processing, tempering is needed to avoid future cracking or quickened aging.

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