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Talent Strategy

Our slogan is: "use career to inspire talents, let talents achieve career!" We have a set of strict and flexible promotion system, which "reduces talents without any restriction". In the enterprise, there have been "on the capable", "on the wise", "on the wise" Good management concept. There are not only senior engineers who have worked in the enterprise for many years, but also elites in the same industry who have joined in succession. There are also business backbones who have been promoted from workers to department heads. The decision-making level attaches great importance to the role of human resources in the development of enterprises, and promotes the importance and reuse of talents to the strategic position of enterprise development. Enterprises adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate culture policy, mainly reflected in the "three aspects of attention", namely: pay attention to the labor value of employees, pay attention to the development rights of employees and pay attention to the civilized education of employees. In the new economic era, only innovation can have opportunities and develop, and talent is the decisive factor to ensure innovation. In the process of human resource development, we adhere to the concept innovation and system innovation; adhere to creating a fair, just and open atmosphere, establish a mechanism to give full play to individual potential, and provide everyone with the development space to fully realize their self-worth while achieving the major goals of the enterprise. The experience and advantages accumulated in the whole growth process of the enterprise recognize that training is one of the most effective ways to enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise. Training is of great significance to the development of the enterprise and the growth of employees. It provides high-quality talent protection for the rapid growth and steady development of the enterprise in the future. The enterprise has also formulated a long-term training strategy.